J Marie Skin Studios is restoring confidence and self-esteem with women all over Longmont, Colorado – using the specialized skill of Bilateral Areola Pigmentation. If you have undergone any kind of breast surgery, experiencing discoloring, or have irregular areolas, they can be restored by the very talented Jessica Marie. Each year, in honor of breast cancer survivors, J Marie studios offers a small amount of complimentary areola restorations. Please contact the skin studio for more information.


With respect to bilateral areola pigmentation, the bilateral portion means having or relating to two sides, or affecting both sides. The areola is a small circle area – particularly the ring of pigmented skin surrounding the nipple. Pigmentation is the natural coloring of animal or plant tissue. Therefore, bilateral areola pigmentation pertains to both breasts, the nipple, and the area around the nipples.

The treatments are a specialized segment of permanent makeup that requires advanced training and education. Areola pigmentation provides a gorgeous, confident, and enhanced look to the breast with today’s latest 3-D techniques using permanent makeup. The treatment may need more than one visit to the skin studio to achieve the best results, which can all be determined with a thorough consultation.


Restoration of the areola and nipple is typically a procedure that’s completed six months after surgery. The procedure is a very complex areola treatment, thus requiring formal attention by a professional. With that being said, the procedure can be accomplished even if your surgeon has created a “button” or not. To be sure, the “button” refers to the nipple itself rising above the skin’s surface. A spot test will be conducted during consultation to match the skin perfectly.

Pigmentation of the skin can be tricky, so this is a very vital step in achieving the best results. After your treatment, your skin care professional will give you multiple steps and a post-treatment kit with instructions that are mandatory to follow. Taking time off work for this treatment is not necessary. With any skin care treatment, it is ideal to keep in mind that you are going to need time to care and heal from the procedure.


Jessica Marie – at J Marie Skin Studios – is a master in the field of areola permanent makeup. Her ability to recreate a natural areola by implementing advanced techniques with the industry’s latest tools is astonishing. Jessica is able to create the illusion of the areola and nipple using very specific 3-D techniques. Jessica will work with you one-on-one to design and create both areolas and their respective nipples.

Jessica believes working with the patient with this specific procedure is what makes the art so rewarding. To restore the confidence for someone who has been through so much is largely why Jessica does what she does. Without question, J Marie is a master because she wants to be there for all women and men along their journeys toward internal and external beauty.

Beauty comes from within, but we deserve to be beautiful on the outside as well. Let J Marie Skin Studios help you find your confidence again. SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!