The secret to healthy skin starts with enzymes and science. To fully understand how enzymes can improve and rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin we must go back to our high school science class to answer the title of this section: What are enzymes? To make this class short and sweet, the most basic definition of an enzyme is a protein. Enzymes are proteins that can increase the rate of a chemical change without changing themselves. Since enzymes are organic substances, they can sustain life, thus working wonders on the skin. At JMaire Skin Studios in Longmont, Colorado, the highest quality enzyme products produce the most brilliant results – leaving skin more youthful, revitalized, and healthy.


Enzymes are used in skin care because of their exfoliation and anti-inflammatory properties. The skin’s upper layer that’s covered by dead skin cells containing a protein called keratin. Enzymes go in and break down the keratin protein inside of those unwanted dead skin cells that hover on the top of the skin. When these enzymes go into those cells and break down the keratin, it results in smooth, glowing, gorgeous looking skin. That’s how enzymes work.

Pro Tip: Fruit enzymes are one of the most common types of enzymes found in professional skin care products. Fruit enzymes are among the most nutrient rich enzymes. It is important for professional grade products to only be used on the skin by a professional with solid experience and knowledge in skin care application. J Maire Skin Studios in Longmont, Colorado is highly trained, certified, and recognized by many institutions and dermatologists. J Marie Skin Studios is founded on only the highest knowledge and skill when it comes to the skin care industry.


When going into a skin care studio for an enzyme facial, you are protecting your skin from free radicals lurking in the environment such as in air pollution. Enzymes can also act as a sunscreen by protecting the skin from damage that is caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Pro Tip: Enzymes are a protein that can be very stubborn about their environment. This being said, professional products with enzymes in them need to be carefully monitored and stored correctly by a professional. If products containing enzymes are somehow altered at all by the environment, the enzymes become inactive. The only way to ensure products still have live enzymes in them is by going to a skin care studio where professionals know the proper way to take care of their products.


J Marie Skin Studios in Longmont, Colorado will make sure your skin is healthier than ever with their top-notch enzyme facial treatment. More importantly, J Marie Skin Studios will accomplish all this with their top-notch skin care professional. Don’t take your skin care lightly.

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