Permanent makeup is a revolutionary alternative to standard makeup – showing off incredible results with its long-lasting technology. Permanent makeup achieves a gorgeous ready-to-go face 24/7 that is natural, lightweight, and seemingly flawless. Making colors your own is accomplished by embedding pigments into a layer of skin that is slightly beneath the epidermis and above the dermis; this allows for subtle fading over the course of a few years. Only the highest quality pigments and technology is used to create the most brilliant face all day, every day. The style of makeup artistry that is known as permanent makeup here in Longmont, Colorado is comprised of the greatest talent, passion, and precision.


Lips are one of the most desirable features on the face, and permanent makeup is key to making them look luscious during all hours of the day. Permanent makeup commits to making lips stay untouched after every meal, shower, work out, and other activities. Long-lasting permanent lips include many benefits such as a fuller and more youthful smile, shaping the natural lip or adding in missing features (such as a Cupid’s bow). Definition of the natural lip-color will be implemented, or added colors can be applied to accentuate the lips. Long-lasting permanent lips means no smearing and no reapplication of lipstick needed – making lips even more desirable than ever.

Pro Tip: Picking the correct lip color is extremely important (often the trickiest part) and should be discussed during a consultation with a makeup artistry professional. A professional will ensure the perfect color is matched to complement each and every skin tone.


Eyebrows are best known for being the feature that defines your face. A feature this important should look flawless all the time without having to worry about filling them in and making them look the same every day. Everyday permanent eyebrows equate to having the perfect shape, size, and color at all times. Makeup artistry Longmont, Colorado operation – J Marie Skin Studio – creates the most precise, full, and natural looking eyebrows through a micro-blading technique and turn-key LASH EXTENSIONS.

Pro Tip: Eyebrows take some time to heal. Be sure to be gentle on them when cleansing the face, and avoid touching them to ensure proper healing. A makeup artistry expert will go over after procedure care and the best ways to make sure amazing results are accomplished.

Permanent eyeliner and eyelash base tinting will shape and define one of the most striking features on the face – the eyes. Permanent eyeliner brings out many aesthetic benefits beyond a fuller and more vibrant eye. Permanent eyeliner and eyelash base tinting can reduce the time it takes to put on eyeliner – not to mention alleviating the frustration of messing up – and offers a great solution for contact wearers, along with those with sensitive eyes to makeup.

Pro Tip: It is important to know what type of eyeliner style you are looking for that’ll best fit your tastes and lifestyle. If you are unsure, our makeup artistry expert will do everything from a subtle line to a fashionable cat eye – as well as help to make a decision that best fits your eyes.


Setting makeup artistry apart from many skin care studios is the nipple and areola re-pigmentation and restoration procedure. This is a specialty treatment that is performed by a highly-educated esthetician in the permanent makeup industry. Makeup artistry Longmont, Colorado operation – J Marie Skin Studio – is among the best in recreating irregular, faded, or new areolas and nipples. For anyone that has suffered a medical procedure that has altered the areola, nipple, or is looking to add more color back to the area – this treatment is highly recommended for you!

Pro Tip: Not only does this procedure recreate the look of the breasts, it restores confidence within yourself. Our experts will produce some of the most realistic results – leaving you feeling beautiful than ever.


Finding a one-stop shop for your treatments, products, and expert advice is not easy to find. Whether you’re seeking makeup services, chemical peels, permanent makeup, PRP hair restoration, or broader men’s services, the Longmont, Colorado based J Marie Skin Studio provides this vast array of services while also bringing a professional experience that inspires the confidence you deserve.

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