Now, more than ever, men are becoming accustomed to the idea of being “pampered.” Men need to take care of their skin just as much as women do. Not only is it becoming more common for men to get a weekly facial or a monthly wax, but it is a 2017 norm for men to receive Botox – or what we like to call “Brotox” and fillers. Men can feel confident and comfortable in today’s day-and-age walking into a spa such as J Marie Skin Studio because there are specific procedures that have been created just for gentlemen.


The skin is the body’s largest organ and needs be taken care of accordingly and regularly. In case, you’re thinking, “Skin is an organ?” Skin is an organ; skin is an organ comprised of two layers of tissue. That is the exact reason why J Marie Skin Studio in Longmont, Colorado has a line of services dedicated to men and women – both of whom have skin. The Gentlemen’s Facial is one that many men really enjoy because it provides healthy long-lasting results for the skin. The facial will begin with a thorough consultation to personalize the treatment to your skin and its skin care needs. Men can expect immediate results to the skin’s overall tone, texture, and complexion after receiving this rejuvenating and extremely relaxing procedure.

Pro Tip: It is just as important to make a visit to your skin care specialist as often as possible as it is to be your own skin care specialist at home. J Marie Skin Studio carries a men’s skincare line that comes with at-home care instructions. Your skin can stay looking and feeling its best until your next Gentlemen’s Facial.


Now Ladies, if you are reading this, then I am going to let you in on a little secret: if you have a special man at home and you are looking for a great way to surprise him then you must get him in for a Gentlemen’s Back Facial. This treatment is the ultimate skin care treatment. The back facial includes exfoliation using the highest quality of products, gentle extractions, and a relaxing massage to follow. After the massage, the back arms and elbows are emerged into a warm rejuvenating moisturizing mask. This mask will detox the skin while relaxing tired and sore muscles.

Pro Tip: Since we are on the topic of the back, men are known to have unwanted hair in this general area. Any unwanted hair can be removed at J Marie Skin Studio. All men’s laser hair removal procedures are available as well as waxing services. Men’s waxing includes eyebrows, necklines, ears, nose, chest areas, back, and swimsuit area.


There are many more services offered for gentlemen at J Marie Skin Studio to include Botox and Juvederm procedures that have become very popular with the men. Botox is a way to keep the skin looking young and radiant. Botox is best known to help prevent the look of aging. Juvederm is a type of filler that can fill in areas of the skin creating a fuller, healthier look. Acne therapy is also a popular skin care treatment and is great for men of all ages and can be extremely beneficial for teenagers struggling with this problem. Skincare for men is now more accessible and acceptable than ever because men really do need to be pampered too!


No more need to isolate skin care to women. As we discussed above, both men and women have skin, so what sense does it make to isolate skin care to women? J Marie Skin Studio knows this, and it’s why we encourage men to begin treating their skin with the care it deserves and craves. CONTACT J MARIE SKIN STUDIO TODAY.