Let’s talk lip fillers. Lip fillers involve a procedure that you may have thought about once, twice, or all the time while you scroll down your Instagram feed. This gorgeous enhancement is a non-surgical semi-permanent treatment. Lip fillers have become one of the most popular and requested facial enhancements within the past three years. If Kylie Jenner can make thousands – or even millions – off of her lips, imagine the impact you could make with yours! To be fair, Kylie was already famous, but her lips definitely helped her become an Instagram sensation. It is what it is. Lip fillers can be an intimidating thing, so it is our job at J Marie Skin Studios in Longmont, Colorado to make you feel confident about the decision.


Our main mission here is to make the decision to pursue lip fillers an easy and attractive decision. We’ll start by getting into the nitty-gritty of fillers. Fillers are also known as injectable cosmetic fillers and injectable facial fillers; they are a soft tissue serum consisting of sugar molecules, hyaluronic acids, and collagen. Your body breaks down fillers just like it breaks down its own soft tissue. Fillers are semi-permanent – meaning the lifespan is determined upon the health of your skin, how quick your body metabolizes, and the type of filler used. The purpose of fillers is to fill in wrinkles, thus creating a smooth surface and accentuating features while lasting anywhere from six months to two years. Fillers are a non-invasive procedure with little to no pain during treatment – not to mention little downtime as far as returning to your routine. The results can be immediate; although, it is important to know that some swelling can occur post-treatment.


Think of fillers like valleys within your face and body. The valley is the indent of the wrinkle; the filler then goes into the valley – filling it up to the same height as the field of your skin. This little trick is a good way to remember the difference between a filler and Botox. Note that fillers can also be used to raise up other features within the face other than wrinkles, such as raising the lips. Another good thing to know is that all fillers have been certified by the FDA.


At J Marie Skin Studios, Juvederm is amongst the highest quality of filler. Juvederm comes in volbella, voluma, XC, and ultra XC. When going into the consultation to discuss your decision to get lip fillers, our experienced esthetician at our studio in Longmont, Colorado will go over the different types of fillers. Knowing you are in the best hands for this treatment will leave you feeling confident that our esthetician knows which filler to choose from after discussing your desired results.


Feeling confident in your knowledge of fillers is the first step toward your decision to schedule an appointment. The second step toward attaining filler confidence is knowing you have a professional you can trust. The last step toward feeling confident about fillers is knowing that they are semi-permanent. Our Longmont, Colorado esthetician is the expert for you when you’re ready to have lips that Kylie Jenner would envy!