When it comes to our skin, acne is something that is almost inevitable for many people throughout life – especially growing up. Acne is a common skin condition we get primarily as teenagers going through puberty, which typically phases-out in adulthood. Unfortunately, almost all of us at some point in time have to endure a breakout. So, what is acne really, and why does it always seem to appear the week of school pictures? Acne has symptoms of greasy secretions from the skin’s sebaceous glands that clog hair follicles. When this happens, what do people tend to do? Pop and pick! Most people pop and pick those nasty pimples, but the horrific side effect of doing so results in acne scarring.


Today is your lucky day! If you are reading this, then you are about to learn about how the worst side effect of picking and popping your acne can be fixed. Acne scarring is something that happens to the skin from continual and excessive picking. There are three common types of acne scarring. The first type of scaring is called Ice Pick, which is the most common type – seen as narrow scars that imitate the shape of a V. Next, is Boxcar Scarring – the second most common type – typically observed via round and oval characteristics imitating a U shape. Last, is the Rolling Scaring, which is the least common and the widest scar – giving a wavelike motion to the skin imitating the shape of an M. Pro Tip: No matter what type of scarring you have, micro-needling at J Marie Skin Studios in Longmont, Colorado is the treatment for you. At J Marie Skin Studios, the greatest level of expertise and knowledge is provided through the technology and skill of micro-needling.


Micro-needling is a small device that is fitted with smaller ultra-fine needles that move across the skin. The tiny needles penetrate the skin ever so finely to trigger the skin’s healing mechanism by hitting multiple layers of the dermis. This process produces incredible benefits for the skin. Some of the benefits include an increase in collagen restoration and elastin rejuvenation creating a healthier, youthful-looking complexion. Pro Tip: Deep-pitted scarring requires professional help to reduce negative impact on one’s appearance. By activating the skin’s healing mechanism and tapping into the production of collagen, the skin will regenerate brand new skin cells reducing the visible acne scarring. The aforementioned reality is why micro-needling is used, and it’s ranked among the most effective treatments available at J Marie Skin Studios in Longmont, Colorado.


Micro-needling is fast, safe, and produces real results toward diminishing the look of moderate to severe acne scarring. After a week post-treatment, the skin will appear softer and smoother. The look of a brighter complexion is another benefit from micro-needling. The production of collagen increases, thus filling-in the pitting from the acne scarring; this recovery can take anywhere from six to eight weeks. Pro Tip: Most good things take time. Your skin needs time to heal and rejuvenate. J Marie Skin Studios knows about the importance of the healing process and does whatever it takes to achieve a flawless complexion and impression. Acne scarring will soon be a thing of the past just like the outbreaks during the week of school photos! Let J Marie Skin Studios get you prepared for your next first impression. Schedule an appointment today!